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This up-and-coming city lies north of Manhattan Beach and boasts a very successful business community on the Sepulveda corridor running north/south through the city. This little residential area with Mid-Western values and atmosphere is tucked in between the coast and its business community. El Segundo is located the furthest north in the South Bay making it a convenient commuter neighborhood to the rest of Los Angeles. It has become more and more desirable as part of the Silicon Beach growth.  The city is known for 4th of July celebrations, farmers market, parades and little league games. This is a family oriented place to live.

Location within this residential city is extremely important since LAX, the Hyperion plant, commercial buildings and the Chevron refinery lie at the borders of El Segundo. However, in the heart of the city is a traditional Main Street, beautiful parks and recreation areas as well as a beautiful high school campus. A real mix of options exists in El Segundo including single-family homes, condos, townhomes apartments and income properties (duplex/triplex/etc.). The multi-family properties tend to lie at the outer boundaries and along Main St. In the recent years, new development has increased as more properties change hands.

El Segundo - 90245 

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