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The official seal of Manhattan Beach includes “Sun, Sand, Sea.” These three little words say so much. Yet, the city has even more to offer. You will find superior schools, a small community feel, a high walkability score, sense of security, diverse shopping and dining as well as some of the most beautiful beaches and ocean views in the world. Incorporated as a city in 1912, Manhattan Beach is located along the sandy SoCal coast just 18 miles south of Santa Monica and 21 miles southwest of downtown LA. Close proximity to LAX provides travelers with added convenience!


As the national birthplace of beach volleyball, the spectacular beaches and the iconic pier continue to be the star-celebrities in Manhattan Beach. Specific Areas include:

West of Sepulveda

“West of the highway” includes some of the most desired properties.  These areas offer close proximity to the beach, some may have views, some are close to downtown Manhattan Beach and all provide the beach lifestyle.

Sand Section

Known for providing opportunity for ocean views, steps to the beach and walkability to downtown shops and restaurants. Generally, the closer the property is to the water, the more valuable the property becomes with properties along The Strand being the most expensive. The South end of the Sand Section tends to hold higher values as compared to the North end. Standard lots are 30 feet wide by 90 feet deep.  Half lots of 30 feet wide by 45 deep can also be found.

The Strand

These properties face west over the sandy shores of the Pacific Ocean providing amazing views combined with an exciting and energetic atmosphere from the walk path and the beach activity. Best views would include the celebrated Manhattan Beach Pier.

Walk Streets

Many families enjoy living on the Walk Streets in Manhattan Beach allowing the children a car-free environment to meet and socialize within the neighborhood. These properties provide an additional sense of privacy.

Tree Section

Another good area for families, especially for those seeking more room, is the tree section. In contrast to the standard lot in the Sand Section, many lots in this area provide enough room to provide for a small yard. Lots are typically 40 feet wide with varying depths generally between 108 to 135 feet. This area begins along Valley/Ardmore where the Sand Section ends and extends east to Sepulveda Blvd. This area runs north from Manhattan Beach Blvd and extends to the city boundary of Rosecrans Blvd.

Hill Section

Some of the best combinations of property size and sweeping ocean views are available in the Hill Section.   There are also many smaller lots here with widths as narrow as 25 ft. The number of those seeking to buy in this area have increased recently as some buyers look for bigger homes and yards. This area begins along Valley/Ardmore where the Sand Section ends and extends east to Sepulveda Blvd. This area includes south of Manhattan Beach Blvd and extends to the city’s southern line at the street appropriately named Boundary Place.

East of Sepulveda

This area is “east of the highway,” meaning east of Sepulveda Blvd. These properties generally provide more for one’s money than the properties west of the highway. Values in this area can match those in the Tree Section but, the property itself would likely be larger, newer, or more upgraded.

Manhattan Village

This planned unit development (“PUD”) offers 3 different styles of homes: Single family homes and 2 different styles of townhomes. Their bigger townhomes feel similar to a single family home but they have shared walls with the other units. The smaller townhomes are known as Court Homes and they offer two level homes over the garages resulting in a “tall and skinny” look to them. This gated community is located behind the Manhattan Village Mall with direct access to the mall shopping area. This community was built during the late 1980’s.

Manhattan Heights

This area begins at Sepulveda Blvd and runs east to Redondo Ave. Marine Ave and Manhattan Beach Blvd provide the north and south boundaries.

Liberty Village (East of Redondo Ave)

This area is one of the most affordable areas in Manhattan Beach due to the smaller mid-century single level homes typical for this neighborhood. Some of these homes have been remodeled and some are still in original condition. Others have been, or will be, torn down to make room for newer construction. The lot size here is typically 5000 sq ft but larger lots are also available.

Roth Tract

A special tract of homes built in the mid-1960’s is located in Manhattan Heights, east of Meadows Ave before Liberty Village starts at Redondo Ave. These single-level homes were well built with a very traditional family style floor plan resulting in excellent remodeling opportunities.

Mira Costa

Named for the High School that sits in this area, the Mira Costa area is favored by many because of their large 50 ft wide by 150 ft deep lots. This provides plenty of room for a big home and a big yard (perhaps a pool). This is also a great area for families since it is walking distance to its elementary, middle and high schools.

Manhattan Beach - 90266 

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