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  • Michelle Plunkett

Spooky Times for Buyers?

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Are you more likely to dress up as a ghoulish demon or a scarce roll of toilet paper for Halloween? There are different ways to play it; you can be spooky or you can be funny. Although, arguably, it may be too soon for the toilet paper roll with many finding it scary rather than funny. At any rate, this could help you understand how to look at our current real estate market as a buyer; it can be spooky if you let it but if you prepare yourself for fun, it can be much more enjoyable. Well, at least not spooky!

Preparation tips for a less spooky process:

  1. Be ready with your lender pre-approval before you start searching so that you know what you can afford, or what you are willing to pay, for your new home. Plus, when you walk into the right home, you will be ready to move quick.

  2. Be realistic about what your budget allows you to buy. In a competitive market, spending weeks or months under-bidding on properties that you really can't afford may result in prices passing you by. By the time you finally realize what you can afford, the new price levels will have reduced what you can purchase.

  3. Be flexible with your time so that you can go and see the new listings as soon as possible. This market moves fast and you don’t want to miss out because you didn’t make time to go see the home before it sells.

  4. Make a list of your top 5 must haves for your new home. If you are co-buying, compare lists with each other.

  5. Most importantly, find an agent that you can rely on and trust. And, here is the hard part, listen to your agent. Not blindly but, listen to what they have to say and weigh it against your needs and desires.

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