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  • Michelle Plunkett

Luck vs. Preparedness?

Updated: Mar 10

The market has shifted and it is important to shift our mindset. In 2020 through May 2022, the interest rates were so attractive that everyone wanted to buy a home! This velocity slowed as interest rates began their quick rise changing the economics of a purchase. During the white hot market, some sellers did not feel that they needed to overly prepare for a sale by completing all necessary repairs and staging before hitting the market. After all, everything was selling so quickly. The marketing phase of the process moved so fast that sellers did not have to endure 30, 60, or 90 days marketing their home. Many depended on luck carrying them through the quick process even if they were unprepared.

This was a bit of a mirage. In order to maximize your sales proceeds, it is always important to prepare for the sale of your home. Now that we are in a more normal market, it becomes even more important to ditch the Luck of the Irish mentality this Spring and invest in becoming more prepared when selling your home.

Here’s a short list of items to consider if you plan on selling your home:


Typically, Spring is the best time to find the best qualified buyer for your home. It is after the holiday slowdown and before summer when families are focused on vacations and other family activities.

Staging / Decluttering

Decluttering typically takes more time to complete than most home sellers anticipate. Get an early start on this task! Team Plunkett can help with self-staging ideas and/or professional staging referrals.

Know Your Product and Market Segment

It is important to not only know your local real estate market but you should also understand how your home fits into that picture. This will allow you to make the best pricing, timing, and preparation decisions.

Prepare Your Family and Pets

This is the time to think about a plan for the family during private showings and open houses so that marketing your home results in the least amount of inconvenience to all in the household.

Make a Plan To Be Realistic

Realistic sellers tend to have a better experience when selling their home. With reasonable pricing, availability to show frequently, and a home that is in good condition, you are set to attract the best qualified buyer for your situation.

Qualified Real Estate Agents

Success happens when you are prepared. Reach out to your qualified agent early so that they can help through every stage of the process. Advice, tips, referrals, planning, and more!

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